Tools for excavation include the wheelbarrow, shovel, hoe, pick, trowel, whisk broom, measuring
tape, plumb bob, and a variety of small ceramics tools and dental picks. Right: View looking up
through the sifter used to separate very small finds and grotty bits from soil.


2008: Cameron Turley excavating a piece of black glaze pottery from Trench PC 34


Partially excavated bucchero chalice in Trench PC 20


Molly Palmison, Katie Breen, and Natalie Fiegel excavate pithoi and stone disc in PC 34


Above and below: trenches covered for protection from rain as well as sun


Students use Munsell color chart to identify color changes in stratigraphy


Left: Writing in field notebook. Center: Bucket of tiles from Trench PC 20. Right: Finds bag. Field supervisors record daily descriptions, drawings, and diagrams of developments in their trenches, including information
on strata, architectural blocks, and small finds. Tiles and grotty bits are placed in buckets while finds
are bagged and labeled, all to be carried down the hill for cleaning, conservation, cataloguing, and storage.


Measuring finds in Trench PC 34 for entry in Andrea Summers' field notebook

Kate Topper's field notebook for Trench PC 18 contain excellent
drawings of finds, well-crafted plans, and thorough, accurate notes


Important finds are recorded not only in the trench notebook, but also
as points in the data collector for inclusion on the survey map


Robert Vander Poppen and Jason Doran sweep prior to
photography of level in Poggio Colla trench PC 28


Upon completing the excavation of each level or stratum in
a locus, the trench is shaded and photographs are made


View from the south of Trench PC 23 in 2001. Strings demarcate the 5 meter grid


Above and below: Architect Jess Galloway makes detailed, to-scale
drawings of all architectural elements at the end of each season


Assistant Field Supervisor Angela Trentacoste drawing PC 28 scarps


Robert Vander Poppen steadies the ladder
for Greg Warden during final photography,
recording status of trenches at season's end


Excavated objects are taken to the conservation lab where they are
cleaned and consolidated. Conservator Karen Stamm cleans
a nearly complete black glaze vessel found in Trench PC 22