Daily life in the MVAP Poggio Colla Field School is a combination of beautiful countryside, manual labor, intellectual pursuit, and fun.

Sunset over the excavation house as seen from Selve


Around the corner from the excavation house


2009 Poggio Colla Field School Students, Field Supervisors, and Assistant Field Supervisors


2009 students at work in Poggio Colla Trench PC 34


Jessica Aither, Maia Van Dyke , and Danielle Belanger (foreground) in Trench PC 33


Molly Palmison excavates a vessel in PC 34 (butterfly passing by)


Maia Van Dyke: not afraid of dirt


Trench tours provide students with a broad overview of the site and progress of excavation

Ali Neugebauer using a magnetometer to collect data southeast of the arx of Poggio Colla


Cameron Turley and Mike Guarino at Vigna in 2011


Relaxing at Vigna in the evening before dinner


JoAnn Boscarino's drawings of 2012 Poggio Colla meals


Dinner at Vigna: pasta, ribs, sausage, spinach, salads, and dessert


Greg Warden leads a reading discussion with SMU students


Senior Staff Fiammetta Calosi and JoAnn Boscarino relax at Vigna


Italian flag above the excavation house after Italy won the 2006 World Cup


Ivo van der Graaff and Caitlin Vacanti celebrate Italy's World Cup
victory. Photo by Lauren Jackson.


Students' field shoes outside Vigna


Beppina and Bruno Parigi (caretakers of the excavation house) and their grandchildren


Music enlivens work on the site



Jess Galloway, Sanda Heinz, Andrew McClellan, Brad Schneider, and
Katy Blanchard foraging for wild blackberries in the Podere Funghi


Mid-morning cookie break on Poggio Colla


All-you-can-eat picnic lunch for students and staff on Poggio Colla


2005: Jess Galloway and Jess Dussling.


Ivo van der Graaff, Nicole Berastequi, Aaron Bartels, Laura Crowley,
Virginia Lewis, and Andrew McClellan dancing at the 2004 circolo festa.


Friendships and fashion statements link staff and students. Above left to right:
Karen Stamm, Joshua Moran, Michael Joyce, Cat Hinds, and Jenny Muslin
Below left to right: Kate Topper, Amy Hedgecock, Melinda Swendrak, and Ashley Bennett


Hand gesture comparison: Bepe vs. Michael.


Charles Sauvin, Adrian Ossi, and Rachel Julis remove tarps from
trenches early one morning on Poggio Colla in 2003.


View of Trench PC 25 from the shade where we hang our backpacks.

Left: Sifting for small finds. Right: Excavation in Trenches PC 22 and 23 on Poggio Colla


Michael Joyce, Andy Bozanic, and Robert Belanger in PF 10 in 2002


Surveying finds on Poggio Colla


View to the southwest from inside Trench PF 6


The ever-serious architect, Jess Galloway


Michael Thomas coerced by Ashley Bennett and
Amy Hedgecock into wearing a leaf headdress


View of Poggio Colla from the lunch area

Naptime after lunch revitalizes the field crew for the afternoon shift


Senior staff and grad students make final photos
and drawings of Poggio Colla trenches in 2007


View of Vespignano and the self-healing wipers of the "Texas Van"


Fields of sunflowers surround the excavation houses some years


Kathy Windrow shooting digital video for the web site

Hard work in the field is followed by relaxing evenings at the excavation houses Vigna and Guardia. Eating is serious business. Our house mom prepares breakfast and lunch, while our fabulous Italian cooks Wilma, Beppina, and Bruno prepare dinner served family style.

Jess Galloway, Gigi Lambert, and Greg Warden at Vigna

Bruno and Beppina Parigi prepare another fabulous meal

Above and below: students and staff relaxing in the evening at Vigna


Students and staff eating dinner at Guardia in 2007


Pals Alayne Friedel, Michael Thomas, and Laura Proud in 1999


Greg Warden, Jess Galloway, and Cris Worley


For QuickTime VR showing students digging on the site, see QuickTime VR.