Local Exhibitions and Collaborations


Above and below: Material excavated at Poggio Colla is part of the permanent
exhibition in the Museo Archeologico Comprensoriale di Dicomano



The Archaeological Group of Vicchio (high school students from this Vicchio group excavate on our site)
installed a display about Poggio Colla in the Coop in Borgo San Lorenzo (high community visibility).
This group also organizes weekly free public tours of Poggio Colla.



2012 Gruppo Archeologico di Vicchio high school team, left to right: Alessandro Casari,
Giacomo Innocenti, Fiammetta Calosi, Virginia Manetti, Agnese Malesci, and Francesco Russ.


Above and below: Gruppo Archeologico di Vicchio high school students excavating on Poggio Colla
under the supervision of Fiammetta Calosi and our colleagues Andrea Santoni and Vicchio teachers


Dr. Marco de Marco, Director of the Fiesole Museum, Piero Bruni of the Dicomano Archaeological
Group, and the Fiesole Archaeological Group with Greg Warden on Poggio Colla in 2009


Insider's Guide to the Mugello: a guide to some of our favorite places, including restaurants and lodging.

Environmental Issues: a landfill proposed by the city of Florence for a site in a pristine section of the Mugello Valley will destroy wildlife habitats, farmland, and drain into the watershed of the Sieve River. This page has photos of the area that will be destroyed.

The Environs: a photo journal of the Mugello Valley and its people.

Excavation Houses: Vigna, Selve, and Guardia

Technology: computers and other technology

The Lab: cataloguing, conservation, illustration, and photography

Operations: daily life of the Operations Manager and Housing Manager