Photos from 2009

Michael Thomas and Jess Galloway shoot final photos of PC 33 scarp


After the rain: Matt Elverson measuring for final Trench 28 scarp drawings


Andrea Summers drawing Trench PC 28 scarp at season's end


Poggio Colla Field School students backfilling trenches at the end of the 2009 field season


Photos from 2007

Michael Thomas photographs, Jess Galloway draws walls, while
Ivo van der Graaff and Megan Burns measure and draw scarps


Aaron Bartels, Ivo van der Graaff, Robert Vander Poppen and Greg Warden take final photos


Students cover excavated trenches with mesh prior to backfilling


Shoveling sifter dirt into wheelbarrow for backfilling trenches


Shoveling the end of the sifter pile into buckets for trench backfill


Students haul dirt in buckets from sifter piles back to the trenches during backfill


Kathleen Loyd Lambert and Hilary Serra trade buckets


Backfill almost complete on Poggio Colla


Photos from 2005

Lauren Jackson (foreground), Ivo van der Graaff, Ben Luley, and Angela Trentacoste
taking levels and making final drawings of Poggio Colla trenches.


Jeff Edwards, Jess Dussling, and Robert Vander Poppen making final drawings of PC 23.


Heather Neale, Official Scarp Manager, repairing rain-damaged scarp of PC 23.


Jeff Edwards perfecting scarp and Anne Hooton drawing the hearth in PC 23 during Week 6.


Photos from 2004

Aaron Bartels and Martha Reichert drawing PC 23 scarp.


Katy Blanchard, Estelle Thomas, Sanda Heinz, Lynn Makowsky, and
Abby Christofferson shoveling for backfill in the Podere Funghi.


Backfilling trenches in the Podere Funghi at the end of the 2004 season.


Bucket brigade during 2004 Poggio Colla backfill.


Backfilling trenches on Poggio Colla at the end of the 2004 season.



Photos from 2003

Flurry of activity on the last excavation day in the Podere Funghi.


Filling wheelbarrows to backfill Poggio Colla trenches in 2003.


Photos from 2002

Joe Cosentino, Ivo van der Graaff, Mike Glover, Justin Winkler, Katy Blanchard,
and Andrea Mall shovel dirt to fill trenches on Poggio Colla at the end of the season.


Katy Blanchard and Ashley Bennett mastermind the backfilling of Trench PC 22.


Josh Moran, Jess Galloway, Michael Joyce, JustinGosses, Liz Wallace, Kirk Nickel, Tamee Bollinger,
and Jessica Legershovel sifter dirt into buckets and wheelbarrows for the return to the trenches.


Justin Gosses, Kirk Nickel, Michael Joyce, and Andy Bozanic shovel dirt for backfill on Poggio Colla.


Meg Common, Lynn Makowsky, Jenny Muslin, Sarah Titus, Ashley Bennett,
Hillery Pous, and Candace Grove work on the team backfilling Trench PC 23.


2002 students wave goodbye as they leave the dig on the train from Vicchio to Firenze.

Photos from 1999 to 2001

The survey team, Jess Galloway and April Kramer, shot thousands of
points for the survey map during the last few days of the season.
Above: April works on a series of points in the data collector.


Jess Galloway makes detailed plan drawings
of all the stones and blocks in each trench.


One of Jess Galloway's trench drawings underway.


Each Field Supervisor chooses one student to help with the measurements
and triangulation for final drawings in the trench field notebook. Here, Kate
Topper and Ashley Bennett draw the stratigraphy in the scarps of Trench PC 18.


Randi Graham measures and Sarah Kupperberg
draws scarps in Trench PC 15 in 1999.



1999: Michael Thomas, Greg Warden, Jess Galloway, and Justin Winkler
analyze and interpret the arx architecture and the season's discoveries.