Pasticceria Grand'Italia
10, Via Cellini Benvenuto - 50039 Vicchio
Telephone 055-8497136

Morning staff meeting at the Grand Italia


Owners of the Grand Italia


Ristorante La Casa di Caccia
Via di Galliano, 17/19 50031, Galliano - Barberino M.llo
Telephone: 055/8407629
Owner and Chef: Mirella Settori

View from the dining terrace of the new Casa di Caccia


Tuscan antipasti and vino rosso served at La Casa di Caccia


Mirella Settori, owner and chef of La Casa di Caccia


Casa del Prosciutto - Bar, Trattoria, Alimentari
Via Ponte a Vicchio , 1
Vicchio di Mugello (Firenze), Italia
Telephone: 055.844031

La Casa del Prosciutto in Ponte a Vicchio

The interior of La Casa del Prosciutto

Ristorante "Degli Artisti"
Nel Centro Storico, Piazza Romagnoli, 1
50032 Borgo San Lorenzo (Firenze), Italia
Telephone: 055.8457707

Left: Il Ristorante "Degli Artisti" in Borgo San Lorenzo.
Right: the owner Donatella Margheri serving antipasti in the garden

The dining room of the Ristorante "Degli Artisti"

The Ristorante "Degli Artisti" has a superb selection of wine

Albergo Ristorante Villa Campestri
Via di Campestri, 19
50039 Vicchio (Firenze), Italia
Telephone: 055.8490107

The Villa Campestri

View of the Villa Campestri pool with the Mugello Valley below

One of many secluded spots to rest at the Villa Campestri


Agriturismo Muccianello
Località Vespignano
50039 Vicchio (Firenze), Italia
Telephone and Fax: 055.8448017 or 055.242713

Farmhouses to rent in the countryside 30 km north of Florence.

La Casa della Vigna (the main Poggio Colla Field School residence) houses 16 persons

Le Selve I and II (staff residence for the Poggio Colla Field School) are two apartments,
each sleeping 4-5 persons and with a separate entrance. Furnished and rented weekly

La Casa
Barberino di Mugello

View of the Mugello Valley from the bed and breakfast, La Casa

The bed and breakfast, La Casa, is in the building on the right

Guests in La Casa are served meals here

Your hosts at La Casa: Ricciarda and Jacques Lemaux


Environmental Issues: a landfill proposed by the city of Florence for a site in a pristine section of the Mugello Valley will destroy wildlife habitats, farmland, and drain into the watershed of the Sieve River. This page has photos of the area that will be destroyed.

The Environs: a photo journal of the Mugello Valley and its people.