Exhibition Dates: November 22, 1999 - February 4, 2000

Hawn Gallery
Hamon Arts Library
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas 75275-0356
(214) 768-2303/(214) 768-1800 (FAX)

Professor Lucy Shoe Meritt at a symposium and
exhibition of her architectural drawings, May 1998,
University of Texas at Austin. Photo: Chris Williams.

About the exhibit:
Over sixty years have passed since Dr. Lucy T. Shoe Meritt published her fundamental study of the Profiles of Greek Mouldings in 1936, later followed by the Profiles of Western Greek Mouldings in 1952, and Etruscan and Roman Republican Mouldings in 1965. In this exhibit we are honored to document the contributions made by Dr. Meritt to Etruscan archaeology, displayed in photographs of her work and manuscripts of the original 1965 publication as well as a preview of the new, updated edition, about to appear as a monograph published by the University Museum, University of Pennsylvania, in cooperation with the American Academy in Rome.

Throughout her life as a scholar and teacher, Mrs. Meritt has inspired many students and colleagues in their work. Because of her own long Texas connection as an adopted Texas native in Austin, Texas, the exhibit will further give examples of some of the recent
discoveries at sites connected with Texas contributions to Etruscan archaeology, and research on Etruscan architecture.


Shelley Griffin of the Archaeological Institute of America:

Web site for the AIA:

Karen Vellucci of the University of Pennsylvania Museum (publishing the new edition of Mrs. Meritt's book):


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