Friends from Outside the Mugello


Jason Bauer and Tony Tuck from Poggio Civitate (site near Murlo)
with Michael Thomas at Poggio Colla in 2015


2015: Christina Steiner, Ann Steiner, Mia Savoia, and Barbara Weiskopf


Rich and Dee Boscarino in 2015


Sam Castillo and JoAnn Boscarino in 2015


2014 left to right: Paul and Julie Watler, Amanda and Pete Fredriksen


2014 visitors


2013: Jeff Ritchey, owner of Sensorium Wines



2012: Ivo and Caitlin van der Graaff, who met at Poggio Colla, returned with daughter Clio


Pat and George Edmonds with Ann Steiner
and Christina McSherry, 2012


Örjan Wikander visiting Poggio Colla in 2012


Gretchen Meyers, Nancy De Grummond,
and Katie Rask discuss altar in PC 45


2011: Ellie and Sally Perkins (center and right
assist in backfill


Richard Bidgood helps backfill trenches in 2011


Greg Warden shows F&M Italian students
around the site in 2011


2010: F&M student Ainsley Treptow teaching
Pat Shadek to dig; LarryShadek (top right) is on the
board of Trustees at Franklin and Marshall.


2009: Alec Reddeck, Sally Bonnett, Maria Reddeck and Barbara Lemmon


Diane Warden and Franca Warden: 2009 Cateni dinner


2009: Jose Bowen and Naomi Bowen


2009: Gretchen Meyers and Ann Steiner
with Sam Houser from F&M


Michael Thomas with Eric Nielsen,
Co-Director of Poggio Civitate


2009: Patrick Brady and Bridget Marx


Matt and Daphne Coonan and Gretchen Meyers:
family reunited at Poggio Colla


Jessica Hughes, from the Open University, London


Left to right: M
aurizio Gualtieri, Ann Steiner, Greg Warden, Helena
Fraccia, and Luigi Guidi examine finds in the Poggio Colla magazzino


Ann Steiner with Rosaria Munson, Swarthmore College,
and Carolyn Dewald, Bard College, in 2007


Brenda Pryor, Mark and Barbara Lemmon,
John Clarke, and Michael Larvey, in 2007


Michael Thomas with Penelope Davis in 2006.


2006: Grant and Marina Meyers visit with
Caitlin Vacanti and Gretchen Meyers


2005: Dr. Carole Brandt with Greg Warden


Paul Gillyard digging in Trench PC 15


2005: Diane, Matthew, Derrick, and Greg Warden

F&M Trustee 'Tony Kreisel and his wife Kim with Ann Steiner


2004: Claude, Katy, and Alex Albritton with Michael Thomas


Michael Thomas with Margo and Jim Keyes in 2003


2003: Michael Crawford from University College London


2003: Jimbo Kelly and Stephen Winslow with Michael Thomas


Suzanne Vinson Georges (left) and the Schlegel sisters (right) in 2002


2002: Bill Booziotis, Thomas Taylor, and their families


2001: Michael Thomas with
Dr. and Mrs. Stephan Steingräber


2001: Greg Warden, Luca Fedeli and Betty Woodman


Greg Warden with Jeanne Marie Clossey in 2001


Steve and Carol Nash with Michael Thomas in 2001


2001: Gretchen Meyers with Robert and Julie Tobolowsky


C.C., Tom, and Charlene Marsh with Greg Warden in 2001


2000: Drs. Jeremy and Paula Sabloff ,
University of Pennsylvania Museum


Baroness Ann Franchetti and
Dr. Ann Ashmead in 1998


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