Friends from the Mugello


Bruno and Beppina Parigi, wonderful caretakers of Vigna


Michael Thomas with Viola and Gemma Pasquali and
Chef Luca Francione of the Villa Campestri at Poggio Colla in 2015


Paolo Pasquali, owner of the Villa Campestri, with
Gretchen Meyers and Ann Steiner in the lab in 2014


2012 Gruppo Archeologico di Vicchio high school team, left to right: Alessandro Casari,
Giacomo Innocenti, Fiammetta Calosi, Virginia Manetti, Agnese Malesci, and Francesco Russ.


Andrea Santoni (kneeling in blue) and Greg Warden (2nd from right)
give a site tour to friends from the Vicchio commune
in 2012


2012: Michael Thomas and Andrea Santoni, our archaeological
liaison in the Mugello, discuss finds from Poggio Colla.


Matilde Nunziati, at Poggio Colla in 2011

Andrea Santoni and Fiammetta Calosi with Vicchio high school archaeological group


Fiammetta Calosi (right) worked with Vicchio high school students
Eleonora Cortini, Agnese Barcoli (in photo), and Margherita Rocchi in 2010.


Dr. Marco de Marco, Director of the Fiesole Museum, Piero Bruni of the Dicomano Archaeological
Group, and the Fiesole Archaeological Group with Greg Warden on Poggio Colla in 2009


Director Greg Warden with Dr. Fulvia Lo Schiavo, Superintendent for the Bene
Archeologici della Toscana, (center), and Luca Fedeli,
Mugello Archaeological Inspector (right)


Luca and Monika Cateni and their grandson Federico, Poggio Colla 2007


Fiammetta Calosi and Greg Warden show Vicchio school
children and their teachers the site in 2007


Martin Perron explains finds from his trench to Vicchio children


Michael Thomas with Mr. Bartolini-Salembene and his daughter

Gen Warden and Franca Warden (Director Greg Warden's relatives), with
Michael Thomas and Giuseppe Ancarani of the Dicomano Archaeological Group

Michael Thomas with friend and neighbor Guido Bonardi


Franca Warden and Giuseppe Ancarani (Bepe) in 2002


Monika and Luca Cateni (3rd and 4th from left), friends of the Warden family
and owners of Vigna and Selve, annually invite senior staff to dinner at their home


Monika Cateni, Vilma Ripi, and friends in 2000


Chef Mirella Settori of La Casa di Caccia with Kathy Windrow in 2000


Prince Livio Borghese and Saz Borghese in 1999


Filippo Viola and Giuseppe Ancarani, of the Dicomano
Archaeological Group, discuss developments on the arx, 1999


Lorenza and Andrea Santoni, who worked on the Italian excavations at Poggio Colla in
the 1970s, assist and support the Mugello Valley Archaeological Project year round
(Left to right: Lorenza Santoni, Laura Proud, Andrea Santoni, and Abbi Holt in 1998)


Our Animal Friends:

Our friend Micio at Selve in 2001


Bucchero the Dog in 2000


Visitors from Outside the Mugello

Patrons of the Excavation