Dr. P. Gregory Warden
, Southern Methodist University


SMU students Hilary Cornell, Nate O'Connor, Candace Vaden, and Summer Roberts
working on their bucchero research project under Greg Warden's direction in the study room.

Bucchero from Trench PC 20

Bucchero is a characteristically Etruscan pottery produced from the 7th to the 5th century BC. The early bucchero (bucchero sottile) has a metallic quality; it has a fine sheen, thin walls, and is found in shapes that resemble metal vases. Poggio Colla has produced an exceptional amount of this early bucchero, some of it elaborately decorated. Most of it comes from a dark carbonized stratum on the north slope. This stratum represents one of the few unaltered horizons at the site, a phase that is earlier than our first monumental architecture. Students are studying the range of shapes, typology, and chronology of this elite ware in order to shed light on the earliest period of habitation on the acropolis of Poggio Colla.

Greg Warden, Nate O'Connor, and Hilary Cornell.


Below, see several examples from hundreds of bucchero finds excavated in Trench PC 20 under Ivo van der Graaff's supervision during the 2004 field season: