Katherine Eadie, UC Berkeley

Anne-Marie Cannatella, BA, Catholic University (Conservation Track)

Liz Fraccaro, MA, University College London

Melissa Fain, Franklin University Switzerland

Carter Gantt, Southern Methodist University

Sara Hiepler, Southern Methodist University

Marisa Infante, Southern Methodist University

Preman Koshar, Franklin & Marshall College

Cari Lamba, Franklin & Marshall College

Andrea Lee, Franklin University Switzerland

Samuel Miller, Franklin University Switzerland

Federico Ruggiero, Franklin & Marshall College

Sucel Sanchez, Franklin & Marshall College

Sally Schwartz, Franklin & Marshall College

Anders Voss, Macalester College


2015 Poggio Colla Field School students and field staff


Conservator Allison Lewis taught a hands-on conservatio
workshop for 2015 field school students


After a long day in the field, students relax before dinner at Vigna



SMU M.L.S. Program page: MLS

QuickTime VR of students digging on site: QuickTime VR.