Dr. Sara Bon-Harper, Monticello Dept. of Archaeology

Sara Bon-Harper directs shovel test pit survey in the Podere Funghi

Spatial Sampling at the Podere Funghi, 2007
Sara Bon-Harper:

This season the MVAP has begun sampling of the plow zone on the Podere Funghi in order to determine patterns of artifact distribution across the site, including areas adjacent to the known ceramic production center, the midden, and areas not previously investigated. We have begun with a systematic grid of Shovel Test Pits, or STPs, on a grid with five meter spacing.

This spatial sampling will provide a more complete understanding of the archaeological remains in intact archaeological deposits beneath the plow zone. Further, it may increase our knowledge of the dating of activity zones on the site and the extent and placement of ceramic productions. Information from spatial testing will guide the locations of future excavations on the site.

Octaviano Rangel, Rachel Dorfman, and Michael Arnold shoveling test pits


Test pit with sifted dirt and bagged sample


Teams of students dig shovel test pits in the Podere Funghi during Week 6


Anne Duray, Andrea Summers, and Jocelyn Cooper


Lucy Van Essen-Fishman and Dana Rowland