Dr. Gretchen Meyers
, Rollins College


Left to right: Lauren Jackson, Gretchen Meyers, Heather Neale,
Chelsea Stonerock, and Jess Galloway in a roof tile workshop.

Gretchen Meyers, Rollins College:

This study aims to better understand the architecture of the site of Poggio Colla through investigation and interpretation of the fragments of roof tiles found during excavation. Etruscan roofs have been studied frequently in the past and scholars possess a basic understanding of the technology involved in their construction, but our knowledge of variations in tile as a result of local craft traditions, technological advancement or outside influences is more limited. Working together with three students, Lauren Jackson and Chelsea Stonerock from Rollins College, and Heather Neale from Southern Methodist University, we are creating a typology of the tiles found at Poggio Colla in the hopes of establishing the relationship between our roofing system and others in ancient Etruria . While tile fragments of numerous types are found across the site, we are focusing on the catalogued pieces of tile from the past 10 years that are securely documented with respect to stratigraphy. An initial review of this material has revealed a diverse body of material, including several variants of the two primary components of a tiled roof-pan tiles and cover tiles. We are currently documenting typological differences based on tile fabric, standardization of tile size and thickness and flange profile. Once we have established the variants within the tile and isolated major types, we will also investigate these types with regard to stratigraphy in order to understand the development and refinement of roofing technology throughout Poggio Colla's history. We also are looking at other local examples of tile and roofing systems for typological comparanda. It is the goal of this study to better understand the tiles of Poggio Colla, both in terms of our own site, as well as within the larger context of the Etruscan world. Final results of this summer's study will be presented at Rollins College in Fall 2005 as part of the Rollins College Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Colloquium.

Lauren Jackson, Chelsea Stonerock, and Heather Neale working on Poggio Colla roof tiles.


Lauren Jackson and Chelsea Stonerock gathering data on roof tiles in the study room.


Heather Neale creating a spreadsheet for data on Poggio Colla roof tiles.


Roof tile on the study room table.


Jess Galloway drawing profiles of cover tiles from a Poggio Colla roof.